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On Thursday, May 21, 2009, Mr. Arnold Hull and Mrs. Elizabeth Van Dongen of RTO/ERO (Retired  Teachers of Ontario/Les Enseignantes et Enseignants Retraites de l’Ontario) presented the  Lambeth Lions Club with a substantial grant in support of the Lambeth Lions Memory Box program. These funds were a one-time grant intended to permit the Lambeth Lions to purchase some needed equipment, material, and supplies to assist in the production of the Memory Boxes and to develop an inventory of boxes. Until this time the club had to “make do” without some of the equipment. We were also unable to produce enough boxes to develop an inventory ahead of need. There was always a deep concern that we might “run out”.

RTO/ERO is an association of retired teachers (English and French) in the Province of Ontario that is noted for the support they provide to their members and for their financial support of worthwhile community projects. The Lambeth Lions Club and its members are deeply grateful for this support. Memory Box Program Chair Lion Gary Martins noted that “Without this grant from RTO/ERO we would not be able to sustain the program to the high level it deserves and there would have been a continuing fear that we would not meet the needs of our NICU and PICCU units at the London Childrens Hospital.  We will now be able to continue the project through our normal fundraising efforts and the quality of the boxes will continue to improve. One could say that the members of RTO/ERO share with Lions our motto WE SERVE”.


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