Our Projects


Each year the Lambeth Lions have a number of ongoing projects and activities that we are happy to say keep us busy and refreshed as Lions club members. With the variety of talent we sometimes surprise ourselves at what we do.  The following items describe some of the activities we carry out to serve our fellow man.


Veteran's Memorial Parkway

For several years we have donated monies towards the purchase of plant material for this London project.  We have also participated in the annual clean up days and the planting days.  Unfortunately for the past couple of years the VMP work days have fallen on the same days as our major projects.  Hopefully the dates will not conflict and we can support this impressive program again.  If you haven't already done so, please take a drive from Huron St. to the 401 highway on the Veterans' Memorial Parkway to see the hundreds (maybe thousands) of trees that have been planted by various organizations and businesses in our community.  Also please note the wonderful markers of PEACE, VALOUR, COURAGE etcetera which describe the qualities of our veterans over the years.


Lambeth Horticultural Society Flower Boxes

In partnership with the Lambeth Horticultural Society, the Lambeth Lions have torn down the old flower beds and rebuilt them with long lasting materials and soil.  These boxes at the main intersections add beauty and civic pride to the Lambeth community.  We are pleased to have been partners with the horticultural society in this iniative.


Salvation Army Christmas Kettle Program

 For the tenth consecutive year we will be standing outside the LCBO stores in Byron and at Wonderland and Southdale cheerfully ringing the bells to raise monies for the Salvation Army Christmas Kettle program.  We purposefully stand outside in the weather where we can ring our bells and raise more money.  Last year we raised almost $3,000 in one day. 







Lions Bench

Lambeth Lions realized the need for a bench outside the library at our Lambeth Community Centre, and so we provided one. We love the Lions' colours. We serve.  We give.  We share.




Lambeth Harvest Fest

Every September Lambeth celebrates its heritage with many, many events including dances, a huge parade, church services, baseball tournaments, craft sales, a pancake breakfast and many more functions.  Lambeth Lions provide financial support and participate in several of the events.  We always enter a float in the parade that winds it way through the village for over an hour in length.  We distribute buckets of candies along the route and promote our club and Lionism in general.