Lambeth Lions Memory Box Fundraiser

The Lambeth Lions Memory Box program supporting families in the loss of their child at the Childrens' Hospital of Southwestern Ontario has been a trememdous success over the past 12 years.  A major part of this program is the raising of funds to pay for the costs associated with the production of the memory boxes.

Each fall, usually in October, we hold the Lambeth Lions Annual Memory Box Fundraiser.  This event consists of a fabulous dinner, silent auction, live auction, 50/50 draw, penny auction, memories and excellent entertainment all at a cost of only $40. p.p.  Any funds raised beyond our needs for the memory box program go towards our many other projects.

We are proud of the fact thaat 100% of all monies raised from the public go directly back to our projects.  We do NOT use any funds raised for our club administrative purposes.

The 2018 fundraiser will be on October 13, 2018. Two weeks later than normal, but still all the great value that you have come to expect from this club

Salvation Army Kettles Program 2018

Once again our members will ring the bells on the last Saturday before Christmas for the Salvation Army Christmas Kettle program.  In recent years we have "manned" the kettles at the LCBO stores in Byron and the Wonderland Road South.

We believe that the reasons for our success are our great Lions Emblem, the fact that we stand outside and ring our bells no matter the weather and our cheerful dispositions.  When possible we even help the staff by returning the carts.

Lambeth Lancers Junior C Hockey Team

In the 2014-15 hockey season, Fred Bauer of the Lancers' team partnered with the Lambeth Lions to handle the 50/50 draw at their Lambeh home games.  As a result, we were able to raise enough money to help the team and have some monies left over for community projects.  In the spring of 2015 Fred passed the team on to Josh Flanagan.   Fortunately, Josh has partnered with our club again for the 2016-2017.  When you are at the games, please support our 50/50 draw.  You wll be helping the Lambeth team as well as other community projects.


During the production of our memory boxes we often end up with cutoffs and other pieces of wood that can't be used for the boxes.  We glue these pieces together to produce larger pieces and then make items from them.  We make serving trays, cutting boards, trivets, hot pads, clipboards, iPad holders and other useful items.  One of our members is a woodturner and donates his wooden bowls made on his lathe.  All of these items are sold to the general public with all profits going towards our memory box program and other community projects.

(updated Aug 2018)